I started this website as a way to marry my love for science with my care for my family.

Right around the same time when my daughter was born, my elderly asthmatic mother also moved in with us.

I was suddenly surrounded by a crawling baby who seemed to want to put everything in her mouth and was agitated by the slightest change in our home, as well as a mother with a weak respiratory system.

So I set out on a journey –

I started sifting through all the scientific papers and putting my Masters in Biochemistry degree to use in my own personal life, in an effort to make my home environment and indoor air safe for my entire family.

It also helps to be able to consult with a father who has been in the HVAC industry for over 30 years and holds several EPA certifications.

In this blog, I share all my findings. Hopefully, it will help you and your family as well.