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How Many Plants Do I Need to Clean Indoor Air?

  The now famous 1989 NASA study has initially recommended at least one plant per 100 square feet of indoor space. Dr. Wolverton, the scientist behind the NASA study, has since recommended at least two “good sized plants” per 100 square feet in a home. Although, more is better if possible, according to his recommendation. However, we should take this […]

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution and How to Prevent It

Introduction Indoor air pollution sounds so alarming, and rightfully so. The majority of people spend 90% of their everyday lives indoors, so any pollutants in the air can have detrimental effects on health. Even at low concentrations, it can amount to serious exposure over a long period of time. In this post, we’ll explore what […]

Basement Air Purifiers That Improve Air Quality, Explained

Introduction Basements are a great feature of a home, and quite practical. A finished basement typically is considered space one could live in – it has insulation, drywall and is centrally heated. Its rooms can be used for any purpose like home offices, playrooms, home theaters, in-law suites, laundry rooms, among others. An unfinished basement, […]

The Known Dangers of Vinyl Flooring

  During the spring of 2015, “60 Minutes” did a thorough report showing just how unsafe laminate flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators was. The investigation went undercover to find that Chinese suppliers were lying about the levels of formaldehyde in the products. Some samples had formaldehyde levels that were as much as 18 times higher […]

Is Latex Wall Paint Safe for a Baby Nursery?

  If you’re decorating your new baby’s nursery, safety should be your primary concern. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing the right paint for the room, it can get very confusing. You’re probably wondering, “If I paint my baby’s room, will he or she be safe?” The biggest health concern with paints are volatile organic […]