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How Long Does It Take to Thaw a Frozen Air Conditioner?

  Using an Air Conditioner is the best way to counter the unbearable heat most summers bring. However, they tend to freeze at the most unexpected moments. Defrosting the unit is the only solution at times like this, but how long would it actually take to thaw a frozen air conditioner? Generally, it takes around […]

What Is the Best Temperature to Set My AC Thermostat At Night?

  The temperature of your home has a significant impact on the level of comfort you and your family will get while sleeping at night. However, settling at the right temperature can be challenging, especially if you want to create a balance between sleeping comfort and saving energy bills. You can adjust the temperature you […]

Effect of Ambient Temperature On Air Conditioning

  With temperatures rising at unprecedented rates and the global climate becoming hotter, life without air conditioning is now unimaginable. But do these changing ambient temperatures have an impact on air conditioners? Yes, they do – an air conditioner is mostly designed to operate with outside temperatures between the 60°F and 95°F range. Below 60°F, […]