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What Do Activated Carbon Filters Remove From Air?

  Maybe you’ve recently heard about activated carbon filters and wondered just how effective they are. But just what do activated carbon filters remove from indoor air? Activated carbon filters found in air purifiers or air conditioning air filters are best suited to trap particles less than 0.3 micrometers in size, such as tobacco smoke, cooking oil […]

Do Gas Stoves Emit Formaldehyde?

  Thanks to their convenience, gas stoves have become abundant in today’s kitchen. But if you’re conscious of your home’s indoor environment and air quality, you may be wondering – Do gas stoves emit formaldehyde? Yes, gas stoves give off formaldehyde because that’s what natural gas gives off when burnt anyway. Gas stoves also emit […]

Is It Dangerous to Breathe In Insulation?

We’ve improved from the days of dangerous asbestos, but many people still wonder just how dangerous fiberglass insulation is. And, is it dangerous to breath in fiberglass insulation? There is no conclusive evidence that inhaling fiberglass insulation fibers causes cancer in humans. Fiberglass generally causes irritation in the respiratory system, but most people recover from […]

How Many Carbon Monoxide Detectors You Need For Each US State

  Carbon monoxide is one of the biggest dangers in your home, yet it’s barely detectable. So, it’s important to monitor it at all times. But how many carbon monoxide monitors do you need? As a general rule, a carbon monoxide alarm is required on every floor of a home, including a basement. For example, […]