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Difference Between Desiccant and Compressor Dehumidifiers

Condensation on Window Showing High Humidity Levels

  Most people are familiar with a compressor dehumidifier. It’s been around in our homes for almost 50 years. But did you know that there’s also another type of dehumidifier to consider – the desiccant dehumidifier? But what is the difference between a compressor dehumidifier and a desiccant dehumidifier? A compressor dehumidifier removes water from […]

When Should You Use a Dehumidifier: 6 Reasons You Need One

Recommended Dehumidifiers for Each Room

  Dehumidifiers aren’t exactly the cheapest device to run in your home, especially if you’re trying to cover a large, damp, and cold space. At the same time, dehumidifiers can save your health and prevent you from having to spend thousands of dollars in the future to remediate mold. The decision to either use a dehumidifier […]