Where Should a Duct Booster Fan Be Placed?

Every house, building, or office has a ducted network through which warm or cool air flows. Duct booster fans, commonly known as booster fans, are devices that boost the airflow in a room.

Since duct booster fans help pump the airflow in this ducted network, an important question becomes where a duct booster fan should be placed? Duct booster fans are commonly added when the already existing ductwork in the HVAC system isn’t able to maintain an airflow that’s powerful enough. Duct booster fans are positioned to favor rooms that receive the least amount of air.

When Duct Booster Fans Are Necessary

Sometimes, you might feel that your HVAC system is unable to provide optimal airflow to one specific room. This happens because the room might be far away from the HVAC unit or the ductwork is too long or too inefficient to maintain a proper airflow. This is a common problem among those that use central or ducted HVAC systems. In such cases, homeowners are required to install a duct booster fan for their HVAC systems.

Duct booster fans help draw sufficient air from the system and regulate the flow towards areas that receive less air. The placement of such fans is a complex task that will be discussed in this article. However, before we get into that, let’s have an insight into types of duct booster fans and their application.

Types of Duct Booster Fans

Inline Duct Booster Fan

Inline duct booster fans are installed inside the ducts. They are placed usually near the vents that are far away from the heating or cooling units. Inline duct boosters are quiet, efficient in operation, and are best for areas that have a large network of airflow ducts.

Register Fan

Register fans are the most cost-effective option when it comes to duct booster fans. They are installed close to the vent in each room and help boost airflow effectively.

Now that you know what duct booster fans are and what are types. We can dive into why we need them and understand their importance.

Where Should You Place a Duct Booster Fan?

The booster fans that are placed near the heating or cooling system blow more air, while those placed far from the system blow less air. Duct booster fans should be placed near the areas where optimal airflow is required to heat or cool the room. The areas that are connected to the HVAC system through a long network of ducts usually require a duct booster fan to increase the flow of air.

A properly designed HVAC system will have vents and ducts that provide sufficient airflow around the house irrespective of the distance between the HVAC system and the room. However, if a system is designed poorly, it will have temperature differing issues around the house and would require the proper placement of duct booster fans.

If you feel that one or more rooms at your house remain hot or cold than other rooms. A duct booster fan may be the solution to get the desired temperature and regulate the flow of air in that particular area. However, seeking help from a professional in HVAC can help achieve better results and determine where and what type of duct booster fan is required.